Friday, June 10, 2016

Active Directory - Get account names, office and other properties from accountnames Powershell script

Using this script, you should be able to check and create Active Directory groups based on the input from spreadsheet (CSV)

  1. Copy the script in a notepad and save it as 'AD_DisplayNames_to_AccountNames.ps1'
  2. Use the same format for csv and add your DisplayNames and save it in the same folder as your script.
  3. Both script and csv are saved in the desktop
  4. Open powershell as Administrator (or ) Windows Powershell ISE that comes along with debugging. Using Powershell ISE can skip 5 thru 8 and open your script and hit F5
  5. In the powershell Navigate to your desktop (where script and csv are present)
  6. Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
  7. Click Yes
  8. Now run the script by typing   ./AD_DisplayNames_to_AccountNames.ps1
  9. check for newly added txt and csv files for other properties in AD for the given displaynames

Powershell Script:

# Import active directory module for running AD cmdlets
Import-Module ActiveDirectory
$Sam = @()
$names = Import-csv "C:\Users\\Desktop\AD_input_DisplayNames.csv"

foreach ($name in $names)

$dispName = $name.displayname
$sam += get-aduser -filter  {displayname -like $dispName } -Property SamaccountName,DisplayName,office -Server| Select DisplayName,SamaccountName,office

write-host $sam

#output to a text file format
$Sam | out-file 'C:\Users\\Desktop\AD_AccountNames.txt'
#output to a csv file format
$Sam | Export-Csv -Path 'C:\Users\Desktop\AD_AccountNames.csv'  -NoTypeInformation

Input:  (AD_input_DisplayNames.csv)


Output:  (AD_AccountNames.csv)

"DisplayName1","accountname1","Office Name "
"DisplayName2","accountname2","Office Name "

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